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theme: chronos

release on: 08/05/2012
Ah, I'm the anon who asked why chronos wasn't working but I figured it out~ c: it's wonderful, as are all of your themes ♥ thank you for being amazing :B

Oh, that’s great! I feel bad when a theme doesn’t work right. But YAY not now heh ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Omg, you’re making me blush. Thank you so muuuuuchhhhh! (*ノ▽ノ)

your chronos theme is so beautiful ;__;~ i'm having difficulty installing it though >< i tried resetting defaults and everything but it's just not showing up right when i paste the codes into my html :c any suggestions?

Oh, thank you so much, dear! I’m happy that you think so, thank you so much~!! You can try this tutorial about the reset defaults:

I hope it helps. (´∀`)b

Educational obligations.

Unfortunatly I will be on HIATUS again. 

My college started today so I don’t have so much time to be here. I will do my best to not get so away like last time. But I’ll probably take a little more time to answer the questions and to post/reblog resources and themes.

I have the goal of release at least one theme per month and I’ll try to not disappoint you all. But I already apologise about the future delays.

I’m so sorry about that. 

Ahh, a new theme for photography blogs soon? I'm so happy you're making one. Will it be two columned? :DD

Yep! It called “EUPHORIA”. (┘゚∀゚)┘ I think I will release it next month. Yep, my main ideia is to be two columned~ I’m a little insecure about this theme because is not the type of theme that I usually release here… But I hope it to be “good welcome” like the others. (´∀`●)人(●´∀`)ノ

hullo again, i'm the anon who asked about customisation of your ma theme the way you had it and thank you so much for answering~ and sorry for being late orz, i really appreciate that you're so understanding~ and your themes are the just asdfghjkl; i remember i had trouble which one to choose. <3 thank you so much.

Hello, anon! Yay, I’m happy that you really liked my customization. I hope you’ve managed to customize it the way you want. ^_^ Ohh thank you so much!! I’m very happy that you enjoy my themes… Each message that I receive is important for me. Thank you so much! \(●゜∀゜●人●゜∀゜●)/

Fixed follow/dashboard buttons


I used to get asked this question a lot: “My follow/dashboard buttons have moved, how do I put them back in the right place?”

The solution is to insert the following into your CSS (between <style> and </style>):

iframe#tumblr_controls { right:3px !important; position:fixed !important; }

(via ixora2-deactivated20131223)

wow welcome back, i haven't seen you in a while! your new themes are great (:

Thank you so much, sweetie! Yay, I’m happy that you liked my new themes, heh. Thank you so much. (*°∀°)

You're absolutely sweet for considering a second option for your theme's codes. ;_; Yes, FreeTextHost would be good! Any website that's similar to pastebin would be good, actually. ^^; Thank you very, very much ♥♥♥

Oh, there was nothing. I don’t have a lot of themes so it was easy to put another option… So now it’s done: All my themes has a second option on Free Text Host. 0(^^0) I hope this helps people who have problems with pastebin. Sorry if I don’t put my themes on theme garden but it’s a lot of bureaucracy and I think my themes aren’t be acceptable. So puting the codes in pastebin (now on free text host too) is the best way to share them with you. ( ^-^)/

You seriously need more love. I appreciate you and your wonderful themes. Thank you for being amazing. ;u; <3

More love? So give me a hug, anon. ♥(つ≧3≦)つ ミ(((` ゚Д゚)彡

Thank you for beeing so cutie and sending me that message~

I love your themes (^-^) I was wondering, would you ever be willing to publish the theme you're using for your personal blog?

Thank you so much, sweet anon! Yep, probably when I change the theme on my main page I’ll make it available. Now I am working on a theme that has the same style as that: more for photography… Simple and clean. I hope you all enjoy it when I post it. 

Make Pixel Art!

The PERFECT (and free) place to make pixel art. Enjoy it~!

Hello, i know this is probably one of the stupidest questions but when im writting my about me I press enter but it does not show the enter on my actual tumblr... how do i fix this?

Hello! Omg, don’t talk like that. If you having problem with something, it’s not stupid. o(-`д´- 。) the “enter” you mean the “line break”? Well you can try go to HTML and put a “<br>” before what you want to be in the other line. I hope it was that, sorry. ^^’



Light backgrounds. All found on subtlepatterns - please credit them if you use these! Right click on the image to save.

(Source: zuvia)

This is just a slight curiosity but is Monochrome Abyss the theme you used to use when you were on hiatus? :D I can't thank you enough for publishing it!

Yes, is a version of it. You’re welcome~! I’m glad that you liked this theme, I used it for a long time, heh. Thank you so much, anon. (*゚ー゚)⊃⊂(^∀^)

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