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theme: chronos

release on: 08/05/2012
Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful themes <3 I really love and enjoy using them (as one can see, I am currently using your newest one - Chronos). I hope you are doing fine and life's going well for you :) A nice day to you and keep being amazing!

Oh, thank you so much, cutie. (^ω^)O-m-g! Your customization is awesome! I loved it! I’m happy that you like my themes, thank you so much again! Have a wonderful week~ (/`▽´)/

I feel obliged to tell you that your themes are lovely!

Oh, that’s really kind! And I feel obliged to tell you “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR MESSAGE” heheh! (〃^∇^)

hihi~ sorry to bother you, but i was using your blue scm player skin, and i noticed that the buttons were switched, for example when i wanted to pause something, the play button was on instead ><;;; is there anyway to fix this?

Oh, seriously? Hum, the only way to fix that is editing the image, there’s nothing that I can do about the codes. I’m a little busy these days with college, but if you want me to edit this for you, can you send me a message in non-anon? So I can fix that and send you the codes. Sorry about that. (m。_。)m

I'm so glad that you come back even after such a long hiatus... every week i go to this tumblr to see if you're back or there is some update... many theme makers just disappear :( you're so nice too! some theme makers get irritated by messages :( I LOVE YOU HEHH~~~

Hey! Yep, and I’m really happy that a lot of people missed me. Thank you so much for your support!! It’s really important to me to know that. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, SWEETIE! (∩_∩)/

Me and my codes

I could never release a theme without some code mistakes. I read and tested a code several times but when I post it… a thousand bugs just appear. (゚ノД`゚)

I begging you: Please be patience with me and my codes. (人;´Д`) Thank you, sweeties. 

hi! i'm sorry for the trouble but is it alright if you upload the theme codes to something else other than pastebin? i'm having trouble opening pastebin links. :( even if it's just the chronos theme! :( ♥

Hello~! Sure, I can… Are you talking about Chronos theme or all themes? I will put a second option for the codes. Do you think the Free Text Host is good? Thank you for your suggestion. ^_^

Chronos theme: problem fixed.

For those who already installed the Chronos theme! Please, if you check the infinite scrolling option and your posts go to right or the pagination doesn’t appear, do this to fix this problem: 

Search for


And change for this:


I’m so sorry about this mistake. (゚人゚)(-人-)

Who are some of your favorite theme makers?

Humm… Hard question! But those that I immediately remembered when I read your message were: Fukuo, Zuvia, Juurou, Yobeo, Ettudis, Gyapo, Manatopia and Ryuuseiu. But obviously there are a lot of other wonderful theme makers~

Your themes are so perfect, I can't. Seriously, all of the awards.

Ohhhhhh, thank you. Things like that make me more happy to make themes. ^3^~~

Hello, I was just wondering how long did it took you to learn how to make themes? You seem very good at it T__T

Heyyy! I really don’t know. I never learned HTML/CSS reading so much about it. My interest in making themes started when Aleeza (atmospherica) released her first theme, omg, it was awesome. I think she really reinvented all about theme maker. So I created a private blog to modify some themes changing values and seeing what happened. Some proprieties that I didn’t knew I looked at W3SCHOOLS. Long time after I started to learn about tumblr tags. I think one of the best ways to learn is trying by yourself. I still have A LOT to learn… So don’t be shy to ask people to help about coding but you need to know there are infinites resources in whole web. (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

Soft Emoji


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I really think you are the nicest theme maker in the history of Tumblr. You're not too strict on rules and you answer every question kindly. You will always be my favourite! >.<

WAH! Maybe this is a bit much. (((( ;°Д°)))) But I’m glad that you think that about me. Being praised for something I love doing… It’s amazing~! And see that people think about me when they need help and I can help them… Wow, I really feel useful. Everyone “waste” some time when go to ask and send me a message… I feel special because of it. Thank you so much!! I’m thankful for you, all the followers I have and for who like my work. 

You are seriously one of the nicest theme makers on tumblr, thank you for your patience and help, and of course your beautiful themes and resources~

YAY~! Thank you so much! I’m veryyy happy that you think so. (^∀^) Thank you for all the support, cuties ~♥~

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful themes! (*´∀`)ゝThey're all amazing sdkfsjsdfds ♥

Oh ♥ and I want to say “thank you for your lovely message~” o(・∇・o)


Codes + Preview:

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