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On your monochrome abyss theme, posts are twice on permalink page. How do I fix it? In one column version.

Hello! I tested here and everything looks fine… Nothing about this twice on permalink. Maybe you checked two sizes of post. I don’t know, sorry. (m˙△˙)m

hello! how do I get the posts with full resolution? thank you!!

Hello~! To get the full resolution you have to put in {Block:Photo} the Photo URL this way:

<img src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}">

Hope it helps! ^_^~

hello~ sorry if this bothering you,but i get confused by this tutorial post/27118981317/its-very-simple-to-change-the-default-selection do you know where exactly should i put the code? and thank you for your time :3

Hello! Don’t worry about that, you’re not bothering me~ You will paste the code into your CSS: between <style type=”text/css”> and </style> You’re welcome, anon. Anything, just ask. (ゝ∀・)彡

How do I use the custom links? I'm new to all of this. :(

Hey, anon! Can you tell me which theme are you using? I could help you better. ^_^;

is it alright if we remove the credits and put it in a page?

Sure. The important is the credit itself, not where it will be. :)

BGMAKER by ventdaval

You're back!!!! thanks goodness

YEP! But soon (I think next week) I will be on hiatus again.  But I’m working hard to post a new theme until sunday~

hi~ i just want to pop in and say how a-m-a-z-i-n-g your themes are! they are so, so nice~~ i really like them all! ^__^ you're so sweet and kind and caring like omg.. >< sorry i sound sort of creepy haha D: but yeah keep up the good work! :D x

Ohh thank you for your sweet message! I’m happy that you like my themes, even I don’t have a bunch of them. But thank you so much! I try my best here so this kind of feedback is wonderful. (´∀`)/♥

It's not really an ask, but I have to say I really enjoy all of your themes :) And you are seriously one of the nicer people who make these so thank you for your amazing work and help! Keep up the good job :)

Oh thank you so much, dear! People around here give me reason to be as gentle as possible. I really have to say “THANK YOU!" for all the support and lovely messages that I receive, so:


And sorry about my bad english and some code mistakes in my themes. m(._.)m

Custom “READ MORE…”

Hey! There’s a simple way to change the old “read more…" for something that is more like you. All you need to do is search for {Body} and put this code after:

{block:More}<a href="{Permalink}">READ MORE</a>{/block:More}

Just change the “READ MORE” for what you want! And you can put a image too replacing the “READ MORE” this way:

{block:More}<a href="{Permalink}"><img src="img url"></a>{/block:More}
;w; Hi there, just wanted to say that I love your themes! And I'm using one of yours now, and it's amazing! Thank you so much! Keep up with the great work!<3

Oh, thank you so much!  (*ノ▽<) I’m thankful that you like my work. m(_ _m) Thank you so much. That means a lot to me!!! Thank yooouuuuuu image ~~ 

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to put a 'stuff i like' page. If so, how? Thank you.

Hello! Yep! (^▽^) First you have to create the page going to Customize theme > Pages > + Add a Page. So you choose a Page URL name and write everything you want, like “stuff I like”. And to make a link to the page in your theme, you just need to put the URL and the name in appearance > custom link url/custom link. Actually it’s depend on which theme are you using, but in my themes, I put the “custom link” option. (~^ω^)~

It would be easier if you came without anonymous so I can help you better. ( ^^)人(^^ )

Hey, I can't get the code of your themes. ;o

Why not? (;´Д`)





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