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Hi there, I'm using your latest theme, monochrome abyss. I was wondering if there is any way I could enable infinite scrolling? :)

Hello! ^_^~ The monochrome abyss has infinite scrolling by default if you’re using the two columns version. To put it in the one column version, you can follow this tutorial! Hope you understand well and if you have any problem, just let me know~

Stripe pattern generator!

Make stripe patterns quickly and easily.



One of the most important things I’ve learned from researching typography during my digital art class is this: font design is hard as balls, and if any of those designers saw the way I’ve superimposed their hard work across Batman’s face in a less-than-skilled-manner, they would probably cry. The links in this post should cover all the fonts I’ve used in past graphics and any future graphics.

Just a friendly reminder: graphics are like evolution—sometimes you throw a bunch of cool shit together and get something awesome like a platypus, and other times you get an ugly slimy blind undersea creature that eats poop. Using a good font doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a platypus.

Photoset Fonts: 

I. Just—My—Type (Soraya)

II. Lost Type (Oil Can, Tommaso, Ranger, Wisdom Script, Muncie, Pompadour, Deming)

III. The League of Moveable Type (Ostrich Sans, Blackout)

OTHER RESOURCES: Behance Network | Font Squirrel | 1001 Free Fonts

I would also recommend checking my design tag on Delicious for any new fonts I may find in the future.

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Custom cursor: Mario Bros.

Image Mapper!

"An Image Map is a regular hosted image than has defined clickable areas or hotspots. It consists of two components: the actual hosted image and a map file. This tool will create the map file for your online image and will include the displayable image in the code."

And If the “reset default”doesn’t work?

In the new customize sometimes the “reset default” doesn’t work fine. All the theme blows up because of the meta tags. Sometimes the themes have the same meta tags and all become a messy. But how can you do to theme be exactly like in the preview?

There’s a solution. I don’t know if is the best solution, but at least works.

     1. SAVE your theme before anything. (or use the tumblr theme recover if you don’t like the results)

     2. Erase all the codes and paste: 


You have to paste like this way! One tag per line.

     3. All your page will become white.

     4. Save it and refresh the page.

     5. Paste the new theme’s code

     6. Save and refresh again!

Done! I hope this tip helps.

New version of: Monochrome abyss

Some people asked me to make a one column version of monochrome abyss theme! And now I also made available one more post size: 500px

You can check this new version on monochrome abyss preview page!


I made some SCM Player SKINS and would like to share them with you. 

Pixelated - Gray & Black.



Pixalated - Gray & Blue



Pixalated - Gray & Green



Pixalated - Gray & Pink




  1. Go to SCM Player website:
  2. In “Choose Skin" select: "CUSTOM SKIN CSS (Optional)
  3. Insert the URL CODE (url not the code!) in the blank.
  4. Edit the Playlist and Configure the settings.
  5. When finished, generate the code by clicking on “done
  6. Copy the code and put in your HTML code, after <body> tag!
  7. Save!

Hope you like my skins.~

Some cursors

How to change the default cursor on your theme.

To modify the dafault cursor in your theme, you have to put this code in CSS:

html {
cursor: url("cursor.cur"), default; 

You just need to change cursor.cur for your own cursor link. Or if you want to use other default cursors (not the arrow) you will put it this way:

html {
cursor: cursor type; 

You can change the cursor type for


You still can change the cursor in only one part of your theme, just need to add the “cursor: cursor type” in the appropriate div instead of html.

Make your own cursor!

You can edit and create your own original cursor.

About: Monochrome abyss theme

Hey, guys! I’m so sorry but thanks to shhero I noticed that the theme was not working properly in FIREFOX! This happened because of the GRAYSCALE code. So I’m removing that featured. I’m so sorry about this.

If you already installed the theme, to make it works perfectly on firefox, you have to search for this:

filter: url(filters.svg#grayscale); /* Firefox 3.5+ */
filter: gray; /* IE6-9 */
-webkit-filter: grayscale(1); /* Google Chrome & Safari 6+*/

and this:

<meta name="if:Grayscale Posts" content="1">

And take off from the code. So you just need to save and refresh the page. I’m so sorry about this again. 

Preview and Code:

It’s very simple to change the default selection colour. To make this effect you only use CSS. Currently FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera support the effect. The browsers that don’t support it simply ignore the code.

You just need to paste this code in your CSS:

::selection {
background: #HEX selection color;
color: #HEX font color;

::-moz-selection {
background: #HEX selection color;
color: #HEX font color;

::-webkit-selection {
background: #HEX selection color;
color: #HEX font color;

And change the colors! The three codes are the same, just different syntax for different browsers.


Introducing How to Theme. This free resource, released today, teaches you exactly how to make Tumblr themes with HTML and CSS.

Some of this features of highlights of this resource includes:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Detailed explanations
  • Engaging imagery
  • Totally free!

Dive into chapter one to get started!

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